29 Make this movie

Nu tar jag detta på engelska i hopp om att någon läser det så att det blir verkligt! Hoppas hoppas!

I’ve read this awesome book, a beautiful love story set in 1887 in Alaska called “Abbie’s child” by Linda Castle (published in 1996). Please, please, please  make a movie inspired by this lovely book! I hope that someone in the movie business will read this! You don’t have to make the scenes exactly as they are in the book, just feature the feeling you get when you read the book. Even though the plot was obvious att the very beginning of the book I kept on reading because of the excitement and the urge to find out how it all would resolve itself. But the forbidden love and the desire between Abigail and Will is the most essential part! And I love that Linda Castle write in such skilled way where you get inside both his and hers head. And you know as a reader what they feel about each other but the main characters don’t. I found myself shaking the book and screaming: Please just say that you love her/him.

Boken heter “Älska mig” på svenska.